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Our community website was developed by Berkshire to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
Neighborhood News
Mosquito Control Program
Posted on May 14th, 2019
Our community is participating in the mosquito control program this year. Please read the following. 
? Your Community’s assigned fog night is: Monday
• Your community will only ever be fogged on Monday nights during the 2019 season
? Fogging can occur anytime between 7:00 PM and 2:30 AM
• The fog program will begin on May 29.
• Fogging will not begin until the community has been notified and we have received the
Community Notification Verification Form
• October 1 is the estimated last day of fogging for 2019
? Residents who do not wish their property to be fogged may file an exemption. The exemption policy and
form can be found on our website:
? Please stay indoors while fogging operations are being conducted
? For Further information:
• 410-841-5870,
• For information on the products used:
Please click HERE for more information. 
Please click HERE if you wish to opt out of the program. 
Chesapeake Bay Critical Areas
Posted on Mar 28th, 2018
Did you know about half of Berkshire Properties lie within The Chesapeake Bay Critical Areas?  These are designated zones within 1000 feet of the water in which landscaping and other activity is restricted.  See HERE for more info, and click the map below to determine if you may be inside the Critical Area.  Thanks!!

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